Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Kevin Tay Published March 24, 2018

The future is here! Well not exactly.

As our lives get busier, there is no denying that the one trend that’s taking over how choose to learn in the modern world. While robots aren’t replacing educators anytime soon, students definitely have more control in what they want to learn an how they want to learn it. The internet, with its infinite source of information, has become the greatest teacher known to mankind. So what does that mean for us in the education industry?

Fortunately, our lessons can be replaced by a robot in front of a classroom, because our value as educators has always been how we helped students learn. Everyone has a story of a great teacher and a terrible one. It was never in the subject matter but how they guided us through the course. Teachers now enter the modern role of a coach and a facilitator, and have the luxury to divert our attention into how they are learning rather than what they are learning. The best part is that we too, as instructors, have some new fancy technology to go along with it.

With the invention of virtual reality, we can now deliver more engaging material and allow our students to apply them to real world situations. Also, our students now have the technology to interact with each other, 24/7 and all over the world. This allows for cross cultural learning and interactions that will help enrich the perspectives of our students. This also means that they have access to you and you have access to them all the time. Depending on how much you want to unplug from work, this might seem like a rather tiring task. However, if done right, your job will only be to facilitate and encourage your students to develop their own ways of learning. You will be able to monitor their growth digitally, assess how the students are using the tools, and give them something more than just lectures and homework. For me, I’m looking forward to all the fun things that technology has to offer. I’ll let the robot handle the boring lectures. Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto.

For more information, please read the article below:

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